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Automatic ceramic electric curling iron

Automatic ceramic electric curling iron

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Product: Professional ceramic curling iron
Input voltage: AC 110-240V 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 65W
Temperature control: constant temperature
Automatic haircut, safer and faster
LED temperature display
Ultra fast heat recovery
100% aluminum foil makes gloss and coalescence
Suitable for all hairstyles, super curler style
Never stick to hair, heat up quickly

Specific operation:

1. Insert the plug into the power socket before use, set the temperature, see the indicator light is on, and the curling iron starts to heat up.

2. You can adjust different temperatures according to your own hair quality, and you can reach the set temperature after 1-2 minutes of preheating, and you can use it.

3. Before use, comb the hair smoothly and divide it into sections, and operate it with strands from back to front.

4. Press the L/R key, choose to rotate left or right, stay for a few seconds to release

5. After use, the power should be turned off/cut off, and it can be stored after natural cooling.

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